Thursday, March 02, 2006

What is the world coming to?

Or rather America. Thanks to the Daily Mirror I found out that James Blunt has gone to number one in the singles chart (and his album top 5) in the States. Surely they have more taste than that? I know, I know, each to their own and all that. But did it have to be with that song? I'm just glad I'm not there and don't have to put up with it being over played - probably the reason I dislike it so much.

On a more serious note, talking about this whole "biggest burglary in Britain". Also in the Mirror today there was a story about that. It says that they've found £30m of the £53m that was stolen from the security deopt in Kent. I guess this story interests me as I'm from Kent. And I think someone my brother knows works there.

Also it's interesting because at first they thought the robbery was carried out by experienced robbers but it doesn't seem that way anymore. They may have got away with it in the beginning but it doesn't seem like they will in the long run. It seems they've already caught some of them, let's hope they all get caught soon. Scary stuff.

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